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January 23, 2010
    Episode 4 is out on schedule.  I talk a bit about written rituals and spontanious ones, and ponder the idea of holding papers with your words during rituals and spells.  Is it a cop out not to memorize everything?  Hex Libris is the Ultimate Book of Goddess Empowerment by Sophia, and in Practical Magick I talk about the magickal uses for Matryoshka dolls and nesting boxes!  Plus, as a special bonus, my cat sets himself on fire!  (He's fine, by the way, just slightly singed!)

January 16, 2010
    Episode 3 is now available!  This episode discusses the misnomer of calling it "self-initiation", the magickal use of Sharpies, and Hex Libris this week is The Book of Spells by Michael Johnstone.  A link to Hex Libris can be found above, and if you have something to say about initiation or dedication, you can visit the forum via the link above and get involved in the conversation!    

January 13, 2010
    I'm now an official member of Facebook! My page will be mostly for redirecting to this site or my podbean website and networking, but at least I have this part of technology figured out!  Search for witchesbrewhaha and you'll find me there!

January 9, 2010

    Episode 2 is out!  "Beads and Bunny Slippers" talks about coming out of the broom closet, magickal uses for pencils, and introduces the new Hex Libris segment that the link here is for!  Thanks to all of you who have subscribed or listened so far, and welcome to the party!
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January 23, 2010
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January 16, 2010
        Episode 3-Dot Com
January 9, 2010
        Episode 2-Beads and Bunny Slippers
January 4, 2010
        Episode 1-Introductions

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