Hex Libris
The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment by Sophia
    This is a wonderful book with inspiring information about 25 different Goddesses.  A little basic info on each one, then an invocation, ritual and meditation for each as well!  A great tool for assisting in searching for your Matron, or to get in touch with different Goddesses when you need a little magickal boost!
                                Click here to go to Sophia's website!
                                Click here to see it on Amazon.com!

The Book of Spells by Michael Johnstone
    This is a great reference to help you come up with spell ideas for a wide variety of purposes.  Plus, it's spiral-bound, so it will lie flat on your altar!
                                Click here to see it on Amazon.com!

Seasons of the Witch Day Planner
    An indispensable resource for Witches and Spellcasters of all kinds.  If you've never seen this, I highly recommend you check it out!
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